Crazy Time Live Game Overview

Crazy Time is another intriguing live game from Evolution Gaming, the very organization that brought us works of art like Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. Crazy Time is presently accessible in South Africa at different wagering locales, with wagering stakes beginning from just R1. We invested some energy playing the Crazy Time game to assist you with improving comprehension of the game mechanics and how to win.

Where to play Crazy Time in South Africa





The Crazy Time Game Explained

The actual game is a fortunate wheel based game, set in an excellent studio with a live moderator. The fortunate wheel has 54 fragments with the typical wagering alternatives on numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10, with different areas of wheel containing 4 one of a kind extra games. The Bonus games take up 9 fragments of the 54 section wheel, so they do land regularly.

The extra games are what separate Crazy Time from comparable games, with every one of them occurring in the live studio. The 4 extra games are Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time. We’ll be carefully describing the situation on these later, as they’re fast small scale games with in the game.

Prior to the beginning of each cycle a reward multiplier or Top space is turned and you’ll conceivably get an irregular reward multiplier on an arbitrary number or reward game. We saw some rewards applied during our game play and all the more significantly those numbers handled a decent number of times, which makes the game energizing from the beginning.

Assuming the wheel halts on a number, wagers are paid out and the following round starts, yet it’s the extra adjusts that make Crazy Time such a lot of fun;

Coin Flip

The Coin Flip game is exceptionally straightforward, a reward is applied to one or the other side of a red and blue coin. The coin is flipped and the side that successes (faces up) is the what your multiplier is. Coin flip is fast and keeps the activity going pleasantly, with the moderators working effectively of building the energy.

Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt Bonus game has a mass of 108 irregular multipliers and are displayed in a shooting exhibition somewhat of design. You point the cannon at the objective you accept has the most noteworthy esteemed multiplier and the game starts, uncovering the multipliers.


Pachinko sees the moderator let a puck fall down a bunch of stakes with a bunch of extra multipliers at the base. The game is exceptionally engaging to look as the puck illuminates flawlessly and it’s consistently ideal to see a moderator truly communicating with the game.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The Crazy Time Bonus game is another fortunate wheel, you will pick between 3 hued pointers on the wheel. Green, Blue and Yellow. The wheel twists and you get the multiplier of the shading you picked, when the wheel stops. The unadulterated display of the reward round makes it exceptionally engaging to watch and we should say that the liveliness is on point. It’s likewise exceptionally speedy so there’s not very long a hold on to get once again into the activity.

Step by step instructions to succeed at Crazy Time

Likewise with most fortunate wheel games there is no genuine set Crazy Time methodology except for what makes Crazy Time distinctive is that it’s unquestionably worth support just the extra games. They contain probably the most noteworthy multipliers accessible and that is the place where the huge rewards are to be had. We wound up wagering only on the extra games because of the profits and the diversion factor.

Those hoping to adopt a more essential strategy would be intrigued to realize that the hypothetical re-visitation of player is 96.08%

Crazy Time is a Winner!

Crazy Time is one of, if not the best, fortunate wheel live game games accessible. It’s substantially more activity pressed than any semblance of Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live because of the recurrence of its extra games. We might likewise want to bring up that more than a few hours of game play we were constantly engaged by the hosts.

Their energy is fabulous and the association with the crowd is fun and not very genuine. Advancement Gaming have another victor on all fours enthusiastically prescribe Crazy Time to players who appreciate fortunate haggles games.


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