Lightning Roulette Review and Player Guide

Imagine a scenario in which your number one club round of roulette could be more energizing with even greater successes. Fortunately it can! Lightning Roulette takes this exemplary table game adored around the world—and adds a zapping turn. In each round, arbitrarily chose numbers addressing those on the roulette wheel are lightning-hit with multipliers. At the point when you win a bet on any of these fortunate numbers, get your stake duplicated by up to 500x!

Keep perusing to discover precisely how Lightning Roulette varies from the standard game, why multipliers make it simpler for you to win large, where to begin playing today, in addition to wagering systems you can test!

What Is Lightning Roulette?

With regards to item assortment and great interactivity, Evolution is the undisputed ruler of Live Casino Games. Grant winning Lightning Roulette is the ideal feature of Evolution’s spearheading programming and a famous decision for gambling club players who need to wager on true to life.

All in all, what’s it like? Take standard roulette and add greater monetary rewards and envision the game is facilitated live in-studio by beguiling moderators with an incredible comical inclination. The lone drawback to beginning is that whenever you’ve played Lightning Roulette, you’ll never waste time with the customary game again.

How Does Lightning Roulette Work?

Generally, Lightning Roulette follows overall similar standards as European Roulette. Be that as it may, in each round, before the roulette wheel is turned, somewhere in the range of 1 and 5 Lucky Numbers show up. Every one of these numbers is lightning-hit with multipliers somewhere in the range of 50x and 500x.

The game then, at that point continues like a standard round of roulette—you put down wagers on singular numbers, red/dark, odd/even, and so forth On the off chance that the ball lands on a number which is struck by lightning (duplicated) and you put down a bet on that equivalent number, you go anyplace between 50/1 and 500/1! However, relax, on the off chance that you win a bet on a number that isn’t struck by lightning you actually get paid out—exactly at more modest odds of 30/1. Any remaining wagers pay equivalent to European Roulette.

Is Lightning Roulette Better than Standard Roulette?

Indeed, we suspect as much on the grounds that there are more approaches to win huge! You can make generally similar wagers you would in a typical round of roulette, in addition to get the chance to increase your rewards between 50x to 500x. The solitary disadvantage is that the odds you get for winning wagers on non-duplicated numbers are diminished from 35/1 to 30/1. In any case, that is a little penance to make for the possibility to win 500x your stake in the event that you hit a fortunate number!

Sorts of Roulette Bets on Lightning Roulette

For those of you curious about the standards of Roulette, we should take you through the different sorts of wagers accessible in the game. Since the principles of Lightning Roulette and European Roulette are practically indistinguishable, when you know the standard bet types and how multipliers work, you’re good to go!

Straight (1 number): 30/1 (pays 30x in addition to your stake)

Red/Black (18 numbers): 1/1 (pays 1x in addition to your stake)

Odd/Even (18 numbers): 1/1 (pays 1x in addition to your stake)

High/Low (1-18 or 19-36): 1/1 (pays 1x in addition to your stake)

Sections (12 numbers): 2/1 (pays 2x in addition to your stake)

Handfuls (12 numbers): 2/1 (pays 2x in addition to your stake)

Lightning Roulette Rules

The standards for Lightning Roulette are genuinely like European roulette. Players can put down wagers on singular numbers, gatherings of numbers and shadings. Yet, in Lightning Roulette, whenever wagers are shut, the vendor pulls a switch to uncover 1-5 fortunate numbers that each become multipliers of somewhere in the range of 50x and 500x.

In the event that you win a bet on any of these fortunate numbers, the pertinent multiplier is applied to your success! Yet, relax, on the off chance that you win a bet on a number that isn’t struck by lightning you actually get paid out—exactly at more modest odds. Be that as it may, the payout in Lightning Roulette for any remaining winning wagers on red/dark, high/low, odd/even, and so forth stays as before.

For extra game data, you can tap on the “?” symbol in the upper right of your screen on work area. From your portable, tap the burger menu symbol and afterward tap Help to see every one of your alternatives. Here you’ll discover the Lighting Roulette game standards, bet types, previous outcomes, key alternate ways and then some.

What’s in store When Playing Lightning Roulette (Walkthrough)

When the game screen has stacked, delay until the current round is finished.

An advanced roulette table springs up from the lower part of your screen. The seller then, at that point gives you around 20 seconds to put down your wagers for the following round.

The vendor demonstrates that wagering is shut and pulls a handle to uncover 1-5 fortunate numbers on the computerized screen behind him. Each number is allotted a multiplier somewhere in the range of 50x and 500x.

The seller then, at that point delivers the roulette ball and the camera point changes to an overhead perspective on the roulette wheel.

When the ball stops, the vendor settles all wagers and compliments the victors. After this, the following round of Lightning Roulette starts!

Where to play Lightning Roulette in South Africa

Lightning Roulette is accessible on essentially all wagering locales that offer Evolution Games. A portion of our number one South African bookmakers where you can play likewise have marvelous greeting rewards for new clients.

Register a record at any of the following first class wagering destinations so you can begin playing Lightning Roulette in addition to heaps of other live gambling club games, sports, fortunate numbers, virtuals and that’s just the beginning.






Step by step instructions to Win Lightning Roulette

On the off chance that you like to make your wagers dependent on past outcomes, Lightning Roulette has a choice to see insights from past adjusts. Basically click the “reference chart” symbol towards the base right of your screen. View itemized game measurements from the last 500 rounds which incorporate hot numbers, cold numbers, multipliers and that’s just the beginning. You can likewise utilize an apparatus like Tracksino to settle the score more itemized data. What’s Tracksino?

Lightning Roulette Strategies

While the facts really confirm that Lightning Roulette is generally a toss of the dice, there are techniques you can use to build your shots at winning. The greatest payouts in the game are just struck on straight numbers, so your absolute best at winning large is to put down a bet on at least one numbers. One procedure we like is to put a large portion of your stake on a red/dark, odd/even, high/low bet and the other half on a solitary number.

That way, generally a fraction of the time you will not lose any cash however you’ll in any case have the potential for success to win huge on a number. Additionally, watch this video of us testing another Lightning Roulette methodology which includes wagering on thirds. If it’s not too much trouble, be prompted that no betting procedure ensures winning, and you generally risk losing a few or the entirety of your cash. So we suggest you bet mindfully and never bet beyond what you can stand to lose.

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Lightning Roulette is quite possibly the most imaginative gambling club games we’ve seen to date. It consolidates the quick moving activity of one of the world’s most established club games with huge multipliers and an engaging live in-studio experience. Consistent with its name, Lightning Roulette has some incredible visual and audio cues which add further fervor to the game.

Its connecting with moderators additionally work effectively of adding dramatization to each spin of the wheel if the possibility of winning 500x your cash isn’t as of now enough! Like all Evolution games, the customisable interface additionally implies you can make acclimations to the settings and play it simply the manner in which you like.

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